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8 January 2019

"For Immediate Release"

Erintech Healthcare announces CarePathPlus R2

Erintech Healthcare today announced the latest release of its CarePathPlus TeleHealth product.

CarePathPlus is a next generation Telehealth application designed to enhance patient management by nursing staff. It combines Electronic Patient Records and Care Pathway management with groundbreaking technology in this market sector. It is implemented as a three tier (thin client/secure server) application.

The biggest market for CarePathPlus is in the primary care sector where it will be used in support of the Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF).

CarePathPlus R2 benefits from user feedback and has many minor enhancements in addition to new features, I now runs on Oracle 11gR2 and Application Express 4.

Dr John Barnes, Medical Systems Manager at EIT Healthcare said "We have combined Oracle database with a variety of technologies to produce what we believe is a big step forward in this marketplace. It is expected to be a major player in the implementation of QOF going forward. The focus is in three key areas: Usability, Security and Performance. It is designed to improve patient care while at the same time improving staff productivity and job satisfaction. Everyone wins."

EIT Digital was incorporated in 1992 in the UK and has a long track record of delivering solutions within the NHS and in major Pharmaceutical companies. As an Oracle Partner, EIT Digital is well placed to deliver this new healthcare solution


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Dr John Barnes, Medical Systems Manager 020 7100 4202